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Mercedes Soler

Mercedes Soler is the anchor for Realidades en Contexto (REC) in CNN en Español, a daily live television program geared to Spanish-speaking audience in the United States and Latin America. REC analyses the day to day global events and their direct influence to our society.

Soler joined CNN en Español in October of 2010 as afternoon show Notimujer’s anchor after having been a reporter, columnist, author, radio commentator, producer and director, in what has been a prolific career of more than two decades. During 18 years she served as senior correspondent and anchor for the Spanish-language network Univision, and she has extensively traveled the U.S. and Latin America to cover investigative reports and innumerable news happenings.

Throughout her career Soler has interviewed various high-profile figures from all walks of life, counting among them a dozen Latin American presidents, including Arnoldo Aleman and Violeta Chamorro of Nicaragua, Abdalá Bucaram and Gustavo Noboa of Ecuador, Ernesto Samper of Colombia, Alberto Fujimori of Peru, and Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico.

Soler has covered a centenary of important global news such as the presidential inaugurations, political conventions, Pope visits, the tragedies of the space shuttle and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as the funerals of luminaries like Celia Cruz and Maria Felix.

Various journalism organizations have rewarded her work, including the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences of North America that has nominated her 15 times for an EMMY award, and has received five. Her first book, Entre Nosotras de Mujer a Mujer, a collaborator with 5 other authors, was published in December of 2005.

Soler was raised between Havana, Madrid, Las Palmas in the Grand Canaries and Chicago. In the latter she studied communications, radio, TV and film in Loyola University.